Shape Up Ontario Seminars 

August 15/16, 2020 (opening June 23, 2020, 9am Edmonton time)

195 Balm Beach Road East, Tiny Ontario

International Handling - Saturday & Sunday 9am-12pm (Two 3 hour sessions) $325 plus GST
Focus of the sessions will be course work, decision making and looking at the latest international trends. Dogs must be proficient with the Shape Up Handling skills.

Young Dog Sequencing - Saturday & Sunday 1:30pm-4:30pm (Two 3 hour sessions) $325 plus GST
This seminar is suitable for younger dogs (over a year) or older dogs looking for shorter sequencing with no weaves or contacts. Focus of the sessions will be proofing skills and putting those skills into application on short sequence work!

Auditing is $50 per day. Working spots are welcome to audit the other half of the day at no cost.

If you have purchased a working spot and can no longer attend the seminar you are welcome to sell the spot on your own.