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Justine Davenport & Match/Viva

Justine Davenport & Match/Viva

Justine is one of the most talented agility competitors in Canada today and a strong contender on the world agility stage. Justine’s commitment to consistency in training, handling, and competition has been instrumental in her success. Justine has trained and competed with her Shelties – Bounder, Chase, Riot, Preston & Viva and now border collies Summit, Never & Match. 

Justine, who lives in Edmonton, has been on Canada’s World Team for the past 14 years representing Canada at the FCI World Championships with all five of her shelties and border collie, Summit. She has placed 6th in the world in small dog team with sheltie Bounder. 4th in medium team with sheltie Chase and came 7th in medium individual with sheltie Preston. Her newest venture was coaching the AWC  team to the World Championships in Finland. 
Justine has worked with some of the worlds best dog trainers and agility competitors and lately takes most of her inspiration from international style competition.
Justine Davenport & Match/Viva

Jessica Patterson & Trix/Lux/Biz

 is an accomplished competitor and dog trainer, who quickly made a name for herself in the world of agility. Jessica’s competitive background in the sports world began at an early age. In 1999, she was ranked 2nd in Canada in Figure Skating, and became a valued member of the National Junior Team. Over the last 15 years, Jessica has turned her attention to the sport of Agility, making her mark in the competitive agility ring.

Jessica has been named as someone to watch on the World level in agility. She is a highly skilled competitor and has several impressive accomplishments under her belt. Jessica and Trix placed 5th overall at the 2014 FCI World Championships in Luxembourg, won both the Pentathlon and Biathlon at the 2015 World Agility Open Championships in the Netherlands, won the 2015 European Open in Germany, was 2nd with Lux in individual jumping at the 2018 AWC in Sweden and was 2nd again with Lux in jumping at the 2019 AWC in Finland. Jessica has represented Canada at 20 world events. 
Jessica Patterson is well-versed in the same handling style and dog training techniques used by Justine Davenport.
Justine Davenport & Match/Viva

Jenna & Edge/Wit

Jenna is an experienced and well-respected dog trainer and an up-and-coming talent in the sport of agility. She shares her life with two amazing dogs, Edge and Witness, and together they spend time training, hiking, and exploring the country. In 2019, Jenna and Edge earned a place on CKC Agility Team 

Canada for the FCI European Open. In 2022, she and Witness were named to the Team for the FCI Agility World Championship as well as the European Open.

Jenna’s love of learning and passion for dogs fuels her to seek out opportunities to continually improve her training skills and handling abilities. It also creates a desire to share this incredible game with others, and she is dedicated to making the sport fun and accessible at every level.

She has been training with Shape Up since 2014, and is well-versed in their handling system and training methods. She has had the opportunity to train with many talented and experienced coaches in Canada and Europe which has built a strong and creative knowledge base that allows her to bring out the best in her own dogs and in her students. Her background in Psychology and Neuroscience research, and certification in Canine Behaviour and Training Methodology (CBTMc) gives her a depth of knowledge and an ability to provide comprehensive support to all of her students, whether they are agility-focused or behavioural in nature.

Jenna brings a coaching style that is energetic, engaging, and focuses on building strong foundations and improving communication and connection.

Justine Davenport & Match/Viva

Ainsley Sykes & Vybe

Ainsley Sykes has been training and competing in agility since 2004 and coached by Justine Davenport since 2012. Ainsley has represented Canada at 3 world events, and is a previous AAC Regional and National winner.  

Ainsley has worked with local rescue groups (home and dog assessments), fostered over 20 dogs, and volunteered as the tester for an Edmonton pet therapy group.

Ainsley has been expanding her knowledge to be a Canine Bodyworker and Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer (CPCFT).Outside of dog sports, Ainsley loves spending time with her family and is the Director of Operations for the Canadian Mountain Network (University of Alberta).

Justine Davenport & Match/Viva

Bonnies Sales & Ace

Teaching and training dogs have always been my passion.  I got involved in dog agility over 17 years ago and fell in love with the sport. While playing the game of agility I was amazed how we could help our dogs achieve greatness through fitness. The canine body is amazing my passion for dog agility also led me to my other passion canine fitness.  I obtained a certificate through the University of Tennessee as a certified Canine Fitness Trainer.  I have competed with my dogs both regionally and nationally, I hope I can share my knowledge of dog training and help people build a bond with their dogs.  

Justine Davenport & Match/Viva

Sue & Gryph/Trim

Growing up in the UK, Sue Charlton has always loved being around and working with animals. After completing BSc Hons in Agricultural Biochemistry, she moved to Edmonton, Alberta, to complete a Masters degree in Animal Nutrition and Reproduction and from there went on to become a livestock nutritionist in the Edmonton area. 

Sue has trained and competed in agility since 1997 when she realised that her very bored little Border Collie, Tess, needed a job to do other than dig holes in the back yard. She has gone on to compete in agility on a Regional, National, and International level with multiple dogs, with wins at the Regional and National level, as well as a few medals at the International level. She has been teaching agility classes on and off since 2001. She has been training with Shape Up since around 2008. 

Sue is now an instructor for the Animal Health Technology and Veterinary Medical Assistant programs at NAIT and is excited to join the Shape Up Instructor team to once again combine her love for teaching animal-related things with her passion for agility and training dogs.