Credits can be used for Pre-Booked Training Time, Course Nights and Drop In Classes. 

Once you have purchased credits, please contact Emma Davenport ( with your email address to be added to the Shape Up Shed google calendar.

Bookings: All calendar bookings are “punched” 2 days in advance. Any deletions after that time are still charged. Credits are tracked and you will be notified when you have 3 credits left (via FB messenger).

Payments: Preferred method is via e-transfer to

 - 20 credits $808.50

 - 10 credits $441.00

 - 5 credits $236.50

 - 1 credit $55.13


  • Training Time Bookings= 1 credit
  • Course Nights= 1 credit 
  • Drop in Class = 1 credit

Shared bookings or privates are divided by the number of persons booked on the calendar at that time.